We hope you and your family are safe, healthy, and looking forward to the upcoming season! 

Please be aware that we have adjusted many of our operating practices to allow both you and our employees to remain safe and healthy. Given the special circumstances surrounding our current operating climate, we ask for your patience as we try to work as safely as possible.

​Face masks and social distancing are required of everyone while at the marina.

One of the adjustments we have been faced with is spacing and scheduling the timing of our boat  work schedules constrained at times by the weather and or tides. Best management practices dictate that we cannot have our employees’ group together in confined rooms or spaces so we will adjust our working hours as needed to maximize our work windows. Please be assured we will do our best to get your boat serviced  as quickly and safely as we possibly can. In order to minimize any possible exposure to you or our employees, we would ask that you please remain off your boat until requested work  is completed. 

Arriving at the Marina

Our buildings and mechanical shops are closed to all but minimal necessary employee traffic. We would ask that you not approach or converse with any of our yard or mechanical employees, please have any and all conversations with the office or management by phone. For now, our main public restrooms and showers will remain closed. We plan to reopen them as conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to improve. Our smaller secondary facilities are open. Although the marina has always been a social magnet, in the short term it should only serve as your gateway to the water. We would ask that you take a direct route to your boat. Avoid approaching any marina employee except in case of an emergency. In addition to sunscreen, pack sanitizer & disinfecting wipes. Minor children must be accompanied by an responsible adult.

Wet Slip

Please limit your slip space to only your crew. Avoid the common courtesy of helping others with their lines or accepting help unless there is an immediate need to avoid injury or damage. Wash your hands or use sanitizer after handling someone else’s boat or lines.

Valet Rack Storage

This season the operating hours will be 8 am to 5 pm daily only. We will no longer operate past 5 pm on weekends. Before requesting your boat to be launched, please make sure you and your crew are totally ready to get away from the dock as soon as your boat is put into the water. Stay away from others waiting for their boats to launch. 

On the Water

Do not raft up or beach your boat with other boats. Even if you know the others on the other boat, rafting can create an unsafe environment, and, in some states, this activity has led to officials closing access to the water. Anchoring close enough for your boat to swing without hitting other boats is a safe distance. Find a secluded spot away from others to relax. Otherwise, cruise, sail, fish, waterski, and enjoy your day on the water!

Returning to the Dock

Follow the same guidelines as leaving the dock with your boat. This is not the time for fish stories, drinks or chatting with your fellow boaters back on the dock. Square away your boat and keep moving home. 

Please Be Safe

We understand that this is a very trying time for everyone and things may not seem as "normal" as before Covid-19. Like all of you, we are having to adjust our practices to these new circumstances. Our number one priority is keeping both you, your loved ones and our employees safe, while providing the resources for a most enjoyable boating experience for you. To that end, we are also asking all our customers to please continue to educate yourself on how you can do your part to keep those around you safe and healthy. We will continue to implement best management practices and procedures to accomplish this, following guidance from the CDC, OSHA, our national industry trade group (AMI), and other industry leaders.

As always, please feel free to reach out directly to us with any specific questions or concerns. 

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